NetSuite and Scalability: Being ready for growth and change

May 8, 2024

When most businesses start, they’ll use QuickBooks and Excel to operate the business. After all, you can see most of the work happening right in front of you.

While that might work for a while, as soon as your business grows or you have a seasonal rush, you need to get your ERP systems to keep up with business. They won’t. In fact, they can’t. They aren’t built for that.

That’s what makes NetSuite the world’s number on ERP; it can scale with your business instantly. 

Growth that Can Slow Your Business

There are many situations that can affect how well your business can respond to a rush or sudden growth. 

Some of them are out of your control. Things like supplier speed, shipping times, or availability for retailers or resellers to stock your products aren’t in your sphere of control.

Nonetheless, there are several growing pains you can prepare for:

  • Increased users – Many systems collapse when you have ten or 20 or 250 users. An Excel spreadsheet will be a mess in a day with that many people using it to enter data. While QuickBooks is a great program, it’s not designed to be used for a massive enterprise. 
  • Transaction volume – As your business grows, you might go from 100 transactions per month to 10,000. Without a robust, scalable ERP, you’ll struggle to keep up. Many of the programs chosen for startups cannot handle that volume of transactions. 
  • Concurrency – If you’re trying to run lots of web services and processes, you’ll find that your program lags. Sitting staring at a computer that’s trying to keep up with you is the literal definition of unproductive. If everyone in the company loses one minute a day to lag time, it won’t take long before you’re listing month’s of productivity to a slow system.

NetSuite for the Right Size

Through its use of service tiers, Netsuite keeps capacity on par with need. Whether it’s user count, concurrency needs, or monthly transaction lines, NetSuite scales to your needs quickly and easily. 

The key to staying productive is to keep all your equipment moving as quickly as you can handle it.

Having one of these legacy systems is like having a delivery service where all the vehicles won’t go over 20 miles an hour, can only be driven by one person, and can only carry one delivery at a time. You would never tolerate that in a delivery business; there’s no reason to tolerate it in your ERP.

NetSuite was designed from the ground up to be adaptable to your needs no matter how large or small.

If you’d like to learn more about how NetSuite can adapt to your company’s needs better than any other ERP, call us today. We’ll show you the power of NetSuite and even show you dozens of complementary programs to meet every need your business has.

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