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RFSmart NetSuite Partner Battlecard Sporting Goods

For more than 40 years, RF-SMART has offered advanced supply chain solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.

With over 2,000 NetSuite customers, we provide comprehensive, Built-for-NetSuite solutions from receiving to shipping.


RF-SMART’s hardware team works with top-tier partners, including Honeywell, Zebra and Qboid, to provide the highest quality mobile devices and printers at the best price for our customers. With multiple professional hardware packages available, our in-house resources can deploy, manage, and maintain all of your RF-SMART hardware.


RF-SMART’s Success & Support team is comprised of the people, processes, and technology required to maintain customer satisfaction 24/7. Our highly trained experts know how to identify the source of a challenge and provide attentive service to resolve it as quickly possible.

RF-SMART Suiteapps

WMS: WMS is built inside NetSuite to enable real-time visibility of warehouse operations. With functions that support the movement, management, and fulfillment of inventory, customers see up to 99.9% inventory accuracy and 40% increase in productivity.

Mobile Dimensioning: With RF-SMART’s Automation for Mobile Dimensioning solution, dimensions and weights are sent directly to NetSuite, eliminating the need for manual or batch updates.

Printing and Labeling: SummitIT, an RF-SMART Printing Solution, makes customizing and printing any label or document from NetSuite easy.

Shipping: Fast, configurable, easy-touse, and Built-for-NetSuite, RF-SMART Shipping ensures your orders get out the door quickly with the best rate.

RF-SMART’s Unique Value

Extensive Experience: Supply chain is all we do. Hundreds of team members are solely dedicated to the development and support of our NetSuite solutions

Customer Satisfaction: 99% customer satisfaction. We offer the most responsive and comprehensive global support in the industry

Full Inventory Solutions from Receiving to Shipping: One-stop shop. We provide comprehensive solutions for inventory, labeling, shipping, printing, hardware, and support.

Expansive Customer Base: Global customer base. We serve a wide variety of customers across all industries and verticals.

Customer Resources: Crazy for our customers. We offer a variety of resources to customers, including a searchable Knowledge Base, monthly support training, podcasts, and more.

Benefits By Role

CTO or IT Director: Our real-time, cloud applications integrate directly into NetSuite. Each solution is built to scale with your business growth, allowing teams to make more proactive decisions.

Operations or Supply Chain Manager: RF-SMART provides easy-to-use solutions with quick training times and a simple User Interface (UI). Easily measure productivity, accuracy, and efficiency across your supply chain.

CEO or CFO: Our customers generally see a return on investment in as little as one year. Inventory accuracy is often increased by up to 99.9% and productivity improves by up to 40%. Customers also see significant improvements in shipping times and fulfillment speeds, producing lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) rates.


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RF-SMART for NetSuite Homepage

Case Studies

WMS ROI Calculator

Shipping ROI Calculator

Sporting Goods


Target Account Profile

  • Sporting Goods Retailer
  • Sporting Goods eCommerce Business

Main Supply Chain Needs: Companies require inventory tracking and management in their retail stores and warehouses.

Advantages By Product

  • Access real-time inventory data of all on-hand stock
  • Use scanning on the warehouse floor to improve visibility
  • Easily allocate inventory to locations with inventory transfer functionality
  • Get lowest rates on all outbound shipments
  • Easily configure rules engine to confirm SLA compliance
  • Scan through entire shipments for maximum ease of use
  • Use handheld mobile dimensioner to capture product dimensions and weights
  • Instantly update product dimensions and weights directly into NetSuite
  • Use updated dimensions to better plan warehouse floor and stock locations
  • Print tags, labels, and inventory documents
  • Remotely print across multiple locations from one user
  • Print documents from any record in NetSuite

Customer Story

Selling wrestling-related items and gear from both their showroom and online store, WrestlingMart prides themselves on excellent customer service. Needing additional functionality in receiving and inventory counting, their consultant recommended RF-SMART.

  • Find an agile solution that would let them receive and count quickly and accurately
  • Reduce manual processes & increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Inventory is the most important asset and RF-SMART ensures it is correct and manageable
  • RF-SMART brings accountability to who’s completing the work and ensures they are correct for accurate inventory and faster cycle counts
  • Decrease in errors, so orders are now error-free and significantly faster, and customers are happier
  • By spending more than 65% less time on receiving and counting, WrestlingMart can focus on other a reas to drive growth

“We’re now able to spend more time on other activities that directly impact revenue. RF-SMART and NetSuite have given us the tools necessary to allow our company to grow.”

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