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G2 iPaaS Spring 2024 Presented by Celigo, the #1-ranked iPaaS on G2

G2 Grid® for iPaaS

Celigo is the #1-ranked iPaaS solution out of 236 companies in the G2 Spring 2024 Grid® Report for iPaaS

Celigo in the G2 Spring 2024 reports

#1-ranked in the following categories:

  • iPaaS Grid report
  • ANZ regional report
  • America regional report
  • Most likely to recommend (API Marketplace)
  • Best relationship (API Marketplace)
  • and more

iPaaS Leader in the following categories:

  • Europe regional report
  • EMEA regional report
  • Asia regional report
  • Asia Pacific regional report
  • Momentum report
  • and more

Satisfaction rating

Highest-rated features




MARCH 1, 2024

“Excelling in iPaaS, Five Star Review”


There is a lot to like about the platform. Some of my favorites:

  1. Customer support is truly world-class. Unfortunately this is rare in business today. The Celigo team has so many ways to seek help – whether by chat (which they answer quickly), email support (which they answer quickly), or the free office hours (the team is awesome and so helpful) – there is never an excuse to be in the dark on the platform. Customer Service is Celigo’s secret sauce.
  2. The interface is modern and intuative
  3. It’s difficult to find a partner they don’t already have a connection to or experience with

FEBRUARY 24, 2024

“Great tool, great team and support”


Celigo is extremely easy to use and requires very little IT knowledge/background. Flows / connections are very simple to configure and has been a great tool for our company. Support has also been great whenever we’ve needed to explore or sort any issue or complexity. The team is also very personable and helpful and have been fantastic to work with.

MARCH 8, 2024

“Celigo | Unlimited Possibilities”


Celigo is an ahead-of-the-times platform, allowing for no-code to low-code automation. The prebuilt connectors, templates, and integrations empower individuals and companies to streamline and automate virtually any part of the business. Creating and modifying custom ‘flows’ is very user friendly as it bridges writing code and visualizations with point and click mapping, making complicated integrations a breeze. I love that Celigo flows can be scheduled to run both real-time and on a scheduled basis to flex to the frequencies and use-cases of the company. Alongside the friendly user intefrace, the total time to implement a solution is made seamless with the thoughtfulness that Celigo has clearly put into their product. Customer support, community posts, and weekly office-hours are very helpful add-ons.

Easiest to use iPaaS software

#1 Mid-Market Results

Celigo vs. Boomi

Celigo vs. Boomi continued

Celigo vs. Workato

Celigo vs. MuleSoft

Celigo vs. Jitterbit

Celigo vs. Tray.io

Celigo vs. SnapLogic

Celigo vs. Zapier

iPaaS Grid® scoring description

Products shown on the Grid® for iPaaS have received a minimum of 10 reviews/ ratings in data gathered by March 5, 2024. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:


This top ranking is earned through consistently high ratings by G2 Crowd users. Leaders also have substantial Market Presence scores.

High performers

These platforms are highly-rated by users, but have yet to achieve the necessary market share to be considered Leaders.


While Contenders have strong Market Presence scores, they either have below-average user ratings or not enough reviews to be validated.


Niche solutions have not yet achieved a strong market presence or received enough reviews to be validated.

Who is G2?

G2 is the world’s leading business software review platform. The Spring 2024 iPaas Grid® Reports, released here in an abridged form in collaboration with Celigo, is designed to help businesses make the best iPaas technology buying decision.

iPaaS Definition

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provides a centralized console to manage, govern, and integrate cloud-based applications. These tools work by connecting cloud applications and services and controlling integration flows. They can speed up product development by integrating existing tools, and increase data volume by utilizing external sources. Companies use these tools to scale performance needs, add product functionality, and structure application integrations. Features or data can be added or removed quickly, reducing failover, downtime, and development time. iPaaS provides the infrastructure for creating connections and deploying software applications within the cloud.

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