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Better Than Good Supply Chain With goodr

“One of the greatest benefits of RF-SMART is the ability to fully configure our picking process. We have completely customized RF-SMART to fit our orders.”

10% accuracy increase from cycle counts alone

Better user experience on warehouse floor

Established in 2015, goodr offers running sunglasses that are designed for durability without sacrificing style and function. After implementing NetSuite, they turned to RF-SMART to manage their inventory and get each product into the hands of their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Previously, the goodr team was documenting all their warehouse inventory movements manually. They leveraged both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel to record the number of products on hand, inventory details, and receiving notes. Once they switched to NetSuite in 2020, they began evaluating inventory solutions that could bridge the gap between their warehouse floor and their NetSuite data. They looked at several solutions, including RF-SMART, but initially selected a different solution. After determining that their chosen solution would not meet their license plating requirements, they knew they needed a warehouse management system (WMS) that could extend data-capturing capabilities to their warehouse floor and decrease their manual interventions. They decided to implement RF-SMART to ensure all inventory data was being captured accurately and instantly transmitted back to NetSuite.

Integration Matters

Like all NetSuite customers, goodr set out to leverage the extensive SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) to extend NetSuite functionality while keeping all data live in the ERP. When choosing a WMS, the goodr team wanted to make sure that their solution was fully integrated with their NetSuite instance. RF-SMART’s Built-for-NetSuite solution gave them exactly what they were looking for. The Built-for-NetSuite Native distinction means that the entire RF-SMART solution resides on the NetSuite platform, without any communication to external databases.

Through the SDN, the team at goodr researched and evaluated multiple WMS platforms before settling on RF-SMART. “During the sales cycle, everyone was helpful and provided user-friendly education of both software and hardware capabilities,” said Zack Letterman, Warehouse Manager. This communication allowed their team to feel confident they were choosing the best software for their business. “We selected RF-SMART because it is the best NetSuite-based WMS system,” said Zack.

Well-Supported Team

The goodr team relied on specialized consultants to configure their NetSuite instance and hoped to find the same level of support when implementing a WMS. RF-SMART was able to meet that expectation and worked hand-in-hand with their NetSuite partner to provide the smoothest onboarding experience for their users. RF-SMART was able to further support their team with in-person expertise. “We had regular meetings during implementation, as well as on-site visits. The RF-SMART team was very accommodating and helpful,” said Zack.

Training was also a non-issue for the goodr team. “The RF-SMART training was extremely thorough. We had a simulation running in our sandbox to perform actual use-case scenarios before go-live,” said Zack. This set their team up for maximum success during and after implementation. As they continue to scale, they leverage RF-SMART’s 24/7 support offerings, including product documentation and RF-SMART’s searchdriven Knowledge Base, to navigate their questions. “The RF-SMART team is very helpful – they are always willing to assist you and find the answers,” said Zack. Moreover, they found that continuing to train hires on their team has been a breeze. “Everything is pretty self-explanatory, and it was easy for our team to learn.”

Counts Made Easy

The goodr team was determined to use RF-SMART to eliminate bottlenecks in their inventory counting process. Before investing in a WMS, their team was manually counting products and notating those counts via spreadsheets, relying solely on inventory data pulled from their monthly physical counts. The team found that this process was an inefficient and inaccurate way to assess and document data, resulting in team members oftentimes guessing on what inventory was on hand and what quantities were available. “Ultimately, these counts were a pain. They were extremely time consuming and yielded unreliable results,” said Zack.

Now, the team is leveraging RF-SMART Cycle Counting to frequently count various product by bin or location. This has greatly increased the speed and efficiency of their counts, as all data is captured via the barcode scanner, and instantly transmitted into NetSuite. Counting with RF-SMART enabled them to keep their inventory data as accurate as possible, while decreasing user frustration. “With RF-SMART, our inventory processes are infinitely more efficient, and we do not have to worry nearly as much about accuracy,” said Zack. “We have seen a 10 percent increase in accuracy from cycle counts alone.”

Results That Hit The Mark

With the help of RF-SMART and NetSuite, goodr was able to hone in on the user experience, from order picking to productivity tracking. “One of the greatest benefits of RF-SMART is the ability to fully configure our picking process,” said Zack. “We have completely customized RF-SMART to fit our orders.” As picking times and accuracy improved, they were able to get orders out the door faster. Now, goodr is able to achieve same-day processing, cutting down their time to fulfill an order from 2-3 days to just one. With all picking data being transmitted instantly to NetSuite, management is now able to track employee output more efficiently. “It is very important to see all this information instantly. This helps us configure daily targets and allows us to oversee productivity in real-time,” said Zack. Their management team is utilizing RF-SMART’s administration tools to break down productivity by users and tasks to further ensure team members have the necessary time and resources to complete demand.

All of these improvements have led to substantial benefits for their warehouse and overall user experience. This has ultimately increased customer satisfaction and provided both users and consumers a better experience. “We are extremely satisfied with RF-SMART and would recommend them to any companies in the NetSuite space looking for supply chain solutions,” said Zack.

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