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steve Bourdeau

  • NetSuite Certified Consultant

  • Celigo Certified Consultant

  • Integrations & API Expert

  • Excellent Communication

  • Team Explorer


Steve's Story

Steve was born and raised in the Northeast but has found his home amidst the picturesque alpine beauty of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His professional journey, spanning roles in software analysis, customer service, operations and logistics, and marketing, has been as multifaceted as the trails he explores. When he isn't delving deep into his work, you'll find him embracing the great outdoors. An avid skier and biker, Steve's passion for adventure and nature extends to camping, hiking, paddleboarding and fly fishing. His two loyal dogs are never far behind, accompanying him every step of the way. With a diverse professional background and a zest for life, Steve seamlessly blends his work expertise with his love for exploration.


Let's connect on how we can use digital transformation to grow your business.

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