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Our Mission


WE can create a more sustainable world by providing management and digital transformation services to power growing businesses.

our impact


Carbon Nuetral Operations

We are Climate Neutral Certified. We measured and offset our brand’s annual
emissions from delivering our services, and we are taking action on reduction plans towards net zero. Our most successful reduction efforts have been better assessing the need for work travel.

Back of a group of volunteers


We pay our staff to volunteer and set goals for our annual hours of volunteering as a team.  We understand that our employees have an impact on their local communities and we support positive community development through volunterrism.


1% for the planet

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of annual sales to environmental partners addressing today's most pressing environmental challenges. Learn more at

impact statement

Impact Strategy and Goals

We set goals to continually develop excellent client service and we also seek to develop how we impact out local communities and environment.  Each year we publish our impact report to give insights into what we have worked on to improve our environmental footprint and positively impact our communities.

Employee owned

Our employees are also owners at Trouvaille Consultants and it shows.  Our employees are dedicated to the highest quality of service and are invested in the success of our clients.  Our employee ownership model helps to build economic equity for our employees and the communities they live in.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Trouvaille Consultants is committed to fostering a culture where all employees have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Through our DE&I goals, we are cultivating a work environment that promotes equality, inclusion and empowerment.

100% Base Pay Equity for all employees

We have achieved and maintain 100% base pay equity for all employees performing similar work with comparable roles and experience in similar markets.

We look at pay ratios by both gender and ethnicity to set and maintain our goal of 100% base pay equity.

Anti racism policy

At Trouvaille Consultants, we understand that we cannot achieve our vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization without also doing our part to eliminate racism within our practices and relationships. Trouvaille Consultants is committed to actively creating an anti-racist company culture and prohibits any form of prejudice, discrimination, and marginalization of prospective and current employees, clients, vendors, and community members.


We focus on three areas to help drive our mission.


Our Economic Focus is to operate the company with financially sustainable growth that includes employee ownership, career growth and development for our employees.  This drives the highest quality of service for our clients.

Our Social Focus recognizes our company and the business community plays a central role in lives locally, nationally, and internationally.  We work to build positive and lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Environmental Focus drives us to map, reduce, and offset our resource footprint.  We bring this same mission to our daily work with clients to innovate new ways to achieve resource reductions.

About Trouvaille Consultants:


Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Trouvaille Consultants is a team of successful entrepreneurs and outdoor adventurers who hold a deep connection to our outside places.  We believe in the power of business to create positive change in our communities, foster economic growth, and protect and support our environment.  

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