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2022 Impact report

This year our team dedicated a focused effort towards establishing impact goals and solidifying our impact strategy to align with our long-term growth objectives. As we worked towards B Corp certification in 2022, we were able to drive our business sustainability goals based on our mission to provide business system change designed to serve people, planet, and prosperity. Our team is excited about a shared collective vision and strategy for creating a positive internal company culture that will benefit both our clients and the communities we reach. We strive to bring values and positive impacts to our clients by helping them to implement and develop sustainable operational and technological systems, and to develop their own sustainability goals and strategies.

OUR IMPACT & mission


As we formalized our our goals and vision this year we focused on developing our shared values of Environmental Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Career Growth and Learning, and Work-Life Balance.


Our Mission is to create a more sustainable world by offering business development services to power sustainable growth. 

We focus on three areas to help drive our mission.


Our Economic Mission is to operate the company with financially sustainable growth that includes employee ownership, career growth and development for our employees, and the highest quality service for our clients.

Our Social Mission recognizes our company and the business community plays a central role in lives locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Environmental Mission drives us to map, reduce, and offset our resource footprint.  We bring this same mission to our daily work with clients to innovate new ways to achieve resource reductions.

Our mission is to provide business system change designed to serve people, planet, and prosperity.



We believe in the power of business to create positive change in our communities, foster economic growth, and protect and support our environment. We are experts in building systems to help growing businesses sustainably scale and reach their full potential. Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Trouvaille Consultants is a team of successful entrepreneurs and outdoor adventurers who hold a deep connection to our outside places. We have the experience and skills to help support your business growth.





The business development that in part helped to drive our growth and impact this year was the B Corp business model. As we worked through certification in 2022 it gave us the impact to develop our own sustainability goals and practices. We developed employee benefit packages, internal policies for diversity, equity, and inclusion, environmental sustainability practices, career growth and learning opportunities, and we published our first impact report.

We are driven by our mission to drive our business and client’s businesses into a more sustainable future. We focused on internal goals on 2022 and had great success in developing to meet our mission.  Our work this year was aligned with the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out by the United Nations Member States.

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 11.57.52 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 11.58.07 AM.png



New Local Employees Hired


In 2022 we were able to hire local Steamboat Springs community members!  This helps continue our commitment to hire local or regional human resources.  We have had success historically in hiring within the state of Colorado but not in Steamboat Springs were the firm is headquartered.  We were able to hire a skilled local resource to help with client support and technical systems development.

We now have the opportunity for expanded employee impact on our local community through a commitment for all employees to volunteer in their local communities.




Business Carbon Baseline, 100% Offset Goals, &

1% for the Planet commitment


Our team has a strong connection to our outdoor spaces and are working towards eliminating our businesses environmental impacts.


At the end of 2022 we were able to establish the estimated total tons of carbon emissions for the business.  Roughly 50% of our business carbon emissions came from business travel; with the other 50% split almost evenly between capital goods and purchased good and services.  Our estimated total emissions for the year were 36 tCO2e.


Having remote staff, standard virtual meetings, and limiting travel needs to clients sites we are able to keep our total emissions down for the business.  With a growing client base and a projected increase in on site travel we have strategized how we can limit or offset the emissions created through travel.  We are developing our commitments in 2023 to offset 100% of our total business-related emissions.

In 2022 we committed to a membership with 1% for the Planet.  1% for the Planet provides businesses with expertise in environmental giving, credibility consumers trust and the accountability to follow through. Each year, we give 1% of our annual sales directly to our vetted environmental partners.




Growing Team and Growing Benefits


In 2022 we accomplished a full review of our employee benefits, governance, and worker policies to ensure an equitable workplace and diverse workforce.

We established a statement of hours, pay policy, disciplinary procedures,  and a formalized feedback and complaint process.  We also reviewed and developed our non-discrimination policy, anti-harassment policy, code of ethics, and whistleblower policy to make sure we had the most robust safeguards in place to guarantee a safe workplace for all employees.

We continued to develop our benefits package for employees to offer benefits such as professional development and life-skill training that go beyond looking at just financial benefits.  We did also review and develop our financial incentives for employees including continued development on an employee ownership program, a formalized annual bonus structure, paid time off, parental leave, and more.



GOALS for 2023


As we continue to grow the business in 2023 we will focus on continually delivering the highest quality of digital transformation and business management consulting to our customers.  Our social and environmental goals in 2023 will help us stay focused on delivering the highest level of service to customers. 


Volunteer Hour Goals and Employee Engagement 


We will develop our internal staff to take advantage of benefits such as paid volunteer time so we can hit our annual volunteer hours goal.  We will encourage and provide resources for continued employee training so we can achieve our goal of having all employees in training and professional development opportunities throughout the year.  We have the goal in 2023 to establish clear goals for our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and clearly share those commitments with our employees.


Achieve Carbon Neutral Operations


Our environmental impact will continue to be tracked to see how we can minimize our resource use and offset impacts created from business operations.  We now know our baseline carbon emissions and will continue to gain knowledge on our environmental impacts and how we can mitigate them.


Partnership Engagement


With our partnerships including client partnership, software partners, and vendor partnership we will continue to be guided by our missions of bringing our knowledge of sustainable business operations to those relationships.  We have the goal of establishing a formal vetting process for current and potential partnerships.  We want to ensure that our partners uphold the same commitments to their employees and partnerships.

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